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December 20, 2018

photograph by: Joy Prouty - one of the most sincere souls



As I just entered my 20th year of living on this beautiful earth a few days ago, these thoughts have been on my mind and heart to share: I have learned more than I can put into words the past year, from engagement, a full-time job, a job change, planning a wedding, moving from my family, learning how to truly stand on my own as a person and in Christ (still learning more of that everyday), marriage and being completely vulnerable and open in Evan and I’s relationship with deep, unconditional love and forgiveness towards both of us, going through a car accident and Evan as well while dealing trauma and anxiety from them, and standing above the waves through everyday life and little stresses.  I see more than ever, especially now being a young married adult, that life is full of hardships and stresses. Truly it is. But I also see so clearly that life is overflowing with blessings, joy and goodness.  Although anxiety and worry blinds us from the light. It can hide the beauty from our minds, making it feel as there is no hope, there is no light. It can cause you to hold your breath at every moment of the day, in which you then miss the most breathtaking wonders and memories of the rawness of life. That’s when you must stop those thoughts, take a breath, look around yourself to see the little, sweet, and sometimes subtle, blessings and joys. Then taking those truths with you, you must fight those voices of doubt and fear with ALL your might, because they are hindering you from fully living. // Remember to breathe, and remember how beautiful each day is. Each day is a gift, treat it like one. Worry and stress only takes away from that beauty. With intention, if you fall, you can stand back up stronger than before while leaping and running into fullness of life. 


Written 12.07.18






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