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You are Human.

November 17, 2018



You are human. Humans fall. They mess up. They forget. They get lost in their own minds. They become confused and weary. Anxious and afraid. And in all those things and in the darkness of them, it may feel like you cannot see, you cannot stand because the weight upon you is too heavy for you to bear. And when you feel as if you cannot walk anymore, a Hand reaches into your darkness, lighting and illuminating the depths of your soul, burning forgiveness and love into your heart with correction, righteousness and glory. The Voice says, “No, dear child! You cannot bear your weight and sins on your own, no one can. But, I, the Lord can. Come, I will bring peace to your soul. You are forgiven. Not because you are good, but because there is a love deeper than you could ever fathom. It died for you in all of your brokenness, dirt and sin, calling you out by name, ‘Beloved one!’, ‘I know you are hurt. I know the brokenness in your heart. Come, I will give your soul rest. I will give you a forgiveness that passes ALL understanding.’ That love is a gift not one can earn for it is freely given, and that love is named Jesus. He reaches to you in your darkness.” 11.09.18







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