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about noah

19 years young. Wife. Photographer. Barista. Espresso lover. Free spirit. Child of God. Foodie. And a bit of a hippie.

If you saw me on the street, I'd likely have at least two of these things with me: a flowy top or dress on, braids in my hair, a camera or a cup coffee in my hand, a smile on my face and my sweet husband by my side.


People say I'm more of a naturally quiet, calm person. I love the wind in my hair, wildflowers, sunshine on my skin, long walks, espresso, soft music, earthy tones, colorful food, exercise, the smell of fresh cinnamon toast, my family, and Jesus.

my art

Photographs.  Time standing still.  A simple moment that might have been missed within a blink of an eye, but was caught by a camera's lens.  A photograph can behold many things with such depth.  Happiness, sadness, surprise, affection, stillness, gentleness.  They can evoke emotions that can not be put into words.  They document and explain without a sound, and last for generations.  

Capturing raw, unpolished, imperfectly beautiful moments of life is my passion.  Rich, grainy black and whites, and clean, warm, light filled colored pictures are how I express those moments through my camera's lens.  I love to use the sun's natural light to bring life into my pictures, especially in the golden light of the morning and evening rays in all of their delicate loveliness. 

"Art is an expression, an emotion, a glimpse into the eyes of a soul that which could not be fully conveyed in simple, spoken sentences alone. It is a gift to all those who create it and a gift to all those who admire it. It touches the human heart with sincere warmth, it covers and wraps the mind with colors."



photograph by Joy Pourty